Stadium Red

Stadium Red

The Stadiumred Group is one of the leading marketing agency holding companies in the world. They have worked across verticals such as liquor, lifestyle, music, entertainment, finance, healthcare, consumer products, food & beverage, luxury and more. The work of the agencies within their collective is not simply traditional marketing. You see, the way Stadiumred approaches the requirements of its clients is very unique and innovative.

Before they became a leading marketing and advertising solution for some of the foremost  companies in the world, they owned and operated businesses in the music industry.

It was through an attention to brand building and the experiences there that Stadiumred really evolved into the marketing powerhouse it is today.

Soon enough, Stadiumred scaled and launched their first marketing agency to offer diverse experiential marketing solutions to medium-sized brands, startups, and even certain big-name corporations.

Fast-forward a few more years and you have the Stadiumred Group of today. Not only do they offer integrated marketing solutions across multiple agencies, but they also offer exceptional and out-of-the-box consumer solutions to big, corporate problems such as large-scale strategizing, brand planning, customer acquisition, etc.

In the last couple of years, Stadiumred Group has managed to acquire top agencies like MagicBullet Media and Gyrosity Projects, as well have gained a shareholding in various startup businesses via their ventures business like Crosshair Music and LIQS Cocktail Shots.

This was done to further improve the client base and the company’s offerings. Stadiumred has also helped these acquired companies improve their offerings by extending their capabilities through centralizing much of their operations across the Stadiumred collective of agencies. Leveraging better industry tools, data & measurement, proprietary methods, and frameworks, they have been able to help service their clients in a much better way.

Here’s a summary of what these companies bring to the table and how they ultimately improve the Stadiumred Group.

First, we have MagicBullet Media. MagicBullet aims to tell brand stories through enticing content. They have worked on advertising campaigns, commercials, social video content, long-form visual content, short films, etc. When it comes to delivering messages to the masses and creating strong promotion through auditory, visual, and textual content, MagicBullet’s expertise is truly commendable. George and Karina Bennett formed MagicBullet in 2008.

Second, we have Gyrosity Projects. Gyrosity is an agency started by Garrison Snell, who’s also the founder behind Crosshair Music, amongst other ventures. Gyrosity is a digital marketing firm specializing in paid digital advertising driven by highly analytical measurement ROI. They serve a large variety of verticals and offer social media advertising, search advertising, analytics, display advertising, measurement, data science, and conversion optimization.

With these companies added to the fray, the Stadiumred Group is now more capable than it ever was. They have been working tirelessly on cultivating positive change in high-performance brands and delivering targeted consumer solutions. They have worked with a number of industries and both their portfolio and clientele speaks a volume about the kind of respect consumers have for them.

Whenever you’re looking at a breakthrough company, you know there’s a reason behind it. There’s something unique, more talented than usual, or simply highly creative.

In many ways, Stadiumred is a combination of all three. With its recent acquisitions, Stadiumred sits atop the world of digital marketing, advertising, and communication solutions. Any business that wishes to rank among the best brands in the world is going to feel right at home with the solutions they provide and will add to their offerings as they grow.

The innovative and unique methodologies that Stadiumred provides for its vast clientele is truly top notch. You can be sure that they’re going to be one of the biggest branding and marketing holdings companies in the future.

In the words of the company, Stadiumred Group is a marketing agency holding company that cultivates positive change. And that’s a very noble cause in today’s corporate world.

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